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Major: Government, East Asian Studies

College/Employer: Smith

Year of Graduation: 2016

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Past Classes

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Exploring the Possibility of Alien Life in Splash Spring 2016
Are we alone in the universe? This question has been pondered for thousands of years, but these days science is making the possibility of discovering non-Terran life ever more possible. Learn what and how scientists are looking both within our solar system and beyond.

Attack of the Monster Movies! in Splash Spring 2016
Monster movies like Godzilla dominated the screens in the 1950s and 1960s. We will discuss the history of the genre, watch some clips, and learn about the deeper meanings behind them. No prior viewing of a monster movie required!

Invented Alphabets: Beyond the ABCs in Splash Spring 2016
Some alphabets develop over thousands of years, but others were invented. We will learn about the history of some of these invented alphabets and how to read Cyrillic and Hangul! No prior experience with either of these alphabets is required.

Onomatopoeia Round the World in Splash Spring 2015
Crash! Ever wonder what something being dropped sounds like in another country? Onomatopoeia are words that represent sounds but they're different in other language. Bang is in English, but in Korean it is Koong or in Hindi it is Thaa! What sound does a dog make around the world? Even something as simple as a sneeze can sound very different. Find out with fun activities and games!