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NICOLE DUBE, Clark Univesity Senior studying Biology

Major: Biology

College/Employer: Clark University

Year of Graduation: 2015

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I usually teach a sewing class but I am hoping my new classes at Smith Splash will be loved just as much!

Past Classes

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Psychology of Fortune Telling-unraveling your own psyche in Splash Spring 2015
Ever looked at the clouds and seen an image? This is a form of fortune telling because your mind makes up images that tell you more about how you think. Here were will learn how to read crystal balls, dreams, tarot cards, auras, and other forms of scrying. We will learn how these techniques have to do with cracking the code to your subconscious and how it relates to an inkblot test. Believers, non-believers, all are welcome!

Somewhere over the rainbow... in Splash Spring 2015
This is a class on literally everything you would ever want to know about RAINBOWS!! Please bring anything you would like that is 100% cotton that you'd like to be tie dyed. Knee high socks will be provided.

Fighting the stigma of mental illness in Splash Spring 2015
With one -third of the population with some form of mental illness this is an important topic to say the least. We will go over what it is like to be mentally ill and the struggles that they face. Also, we talk about what life style changes that can help those with or without an illness.‚Äč *Side note: I am not a doctor and only doctors can diagnose patients with an illness or prescribe medication. Students should refrain from talking about personal experiences for privacy purposes.