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MEGAN BAKER, English/Gov major with a passion for ed policy

Major: English/Government

College/Employer: Smith

Year of Graduation: 2016

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Past Classes

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What is a Super Delegate? And Other Questions in Splash Spring 2016
Learn about the presidential election process and talk about some of the candidate's platforms in this class. Why? Because in a few years you could be voting! ~Be an informed citizen~

Test class in Splash Test Program
It's a test

Dance- Throwbacks in Splash Spring 2015
If you want a chance to MOVE during Splash, take this class! Learn fun, classic dances such as "The Dinosaur", "The Electric Slide", and get down to some sweet disco beats. Impress friends and grandmothers alike with your cool new moves!

Dance- "Current" songs in Splash Spring 2015
Learn how to do common dances like "The Wobble", "The Jerk", "Cupid Shuffle", and "Gangnam Style". If you already know these and others, come dance with us anyway!