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Major: Math

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2015

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Game Theory, or How I Learned to Stop Losing and Love Math in Splash Spring 2015
HEY! Do you want to play games with MORE MATH? Take our class, and we'll play games with GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF MATH! In particular, we'll be studying the mathematics of game theory. In what games does one player has a winning strategy? How can we find it? What interesting bits of math come out of such studies? You'll try to find the answers.

Infinitely Many Proofs of Infinitely Many Primes! in Splash Spring 2014
How many primes are there? INFINITELY MANY! How many different ways can you prove that? INFINITELY MANY! We'll go through math from Euclid to Erdős to understand the primes and why there are infinitely many of them. Unfortunately, Splash isn’t infinitely long, so we’ll only have time to cover $$\infty - 1$$ ways.