Teacher FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from Teachers

What is Splash?
Splash is a day of classes taught by college students for middle and high school students. It's your chance to try out teaching for a day, introduce younger kids to something you love, or teach the class you wish you had when you were in school.

When creating an account, am I a volunteer teacher or a K-12 Educator?
If you are volunteering to teach a class, you would be a volunteer teacher. A K-12 Educator is a person who is currently employed through a school, like a classroom teacher or school administrator.

What do I teach?
Anything you want! (With a few restrictions, of course) Splash is all about sharing your passion. It doesn't matter if your passion is academic or extra-curricular, we would love to have you teach about it! From astronomy to Quidditch, any topic is awesome. However, your topic must be appropriate, and your planned activity cannot be costly. There is more about that in class registration, though! View last year's course catalog here. Please email spring@smith.edu with any questions.

Can I teach with a friend?
Of course! Follow the directions for co-teaching when registering your class, and you should be all set.

How long are classes, and how many students will I have?
You get to choose both! The time blocks you can choose are for 55 minutes or for an hour and 55 minutes. There are many options for the number of students. Please consider how many students you would be comfortable working with, and how many students would be conducive to the activity you are planning. However, we can;t guarantee a certain number of participants.

Do I get student teaching hours?
No. However, if you are a part of a class where you need a certain amount of hours engaging with the community or students in an educational setting, this may qualify. Email spring@smith.edu for more information.

I am a student from another school. May I teach at your Splash?

Will there be training provided?
Yes, to some extent. We will provide teacher training with suggestions on how to structure a class and tips from previous teachers. We require that you attend one meeting before Splash (date and time TBA) so that you may hear and agree to our expectations of behavior and performance as a teacher. Other than that, what you teach is up to you! If you would like more guidance, you can arrange to meet with an organization member by emailing spring@smith.edu.

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